Useful Links

Will keep an updated list of sites that I read regularly and find very useful for others to read as well.

Current CBA – Entire 540 page contract that binds the NHL and NHLPA.

War On Ice – The top Hockey Analytics website out right now.  Top features include sortable statistics for players and teams with the ability to download all tables, individual game statistics, hextally graphs, cap tools, and wins above replacement.

General Fanager – Replacement CapGeek site that is quickly evolving into a top resource for all salary cap and contract questions.

Puckalytics – Good site for advanced statistics.  Statistics for teams and individual players along with a very useful SuperWOWY tool. – Detailed and user friendly site displaying all advanced hockey statistics, very useful for the WOWY metric.

“Hero” Charts – Type in a players name to visually see how they rank in ice time, possession, and point metrics.  Very useful tool to see if a player is playing up to (or hopefully exceeding) his playing time. – Great site for in game/indivudual game advanced statistics.  Possession charts visually show what team controlled the play and for how long.  Probabilities on team’s making the playoffs and obtaining the 1st overall draft pick.

Corsica – Manny Elk’s new analytic site, comparable to War on Ice in terms of player and team statistics with custom query options, rolling average charts, usage charts, and much more. The site is constantly evolving.

Hockey Analytics Twitter List – I’ve compiled a Twitter list of contributors to hockey analytics on twitter, feel free to subscribe to the list or tweet me if you want to be added to it.  I read the timeline daily to get the latest analytics news & contribute to the conversation.

Hockey-Reference – statistics and history on everything hockey.  Top features: query searches, game-by-game player logs, boxscores, coaching statistics, etc.

Left Wing Lock – Site tracks line combinations and how often different pairings are on the ice together.

Super Shot Search – Site visually shows the quantity of and location of shots when a team, player, or goalie is on the ice.

ExtraSkater Blog – Though Darryl got hired by the Maple Leafs and his site is offline, his blog is still up and is a good read for different analytic topics.  Most of the data is inaccessible but the base data and information is still there.

Mc79Hockey Blog – Tyler Dellow’s now defunct blog. Lot of great analysis on his site.


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