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Josh Harding: From Possible Vezina Candidate to Waivers & His Future

UPDATE: Harding cleared waivers and will report to AHL Iowa.

Minnesota Wild have put goaltender Josh Harding on waivers today after being suspended by the team without pay for breaking his ankle in a dispute with a teammate earlier this season.  He broke his ankle in training camp and hasn’t suited up for a game yet this season.

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2014-2015 Advanced Shootout Statistics

This project was inspired by a friend who’s a huge Devils fan.  After seeing the Devils go 0-13 last season in shootouts and missing the playoffs by just 5 points, one had to wonder how this was possible.  They could’ve gone less than .500% in shootouts and still have made the playoffs!

As I began to research this, I began to wonder if the answers lay in the advanced statistics of shootouts.  Were they deking on goalies that were weak against shots from further out? Were they continuously shooting into the glove of a goalie that was known for his catching abilities?  Were the Devils continuously sending out lefties to face goalies that were strong against lefties and weak against righties?

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